2019 Archived News

Fall Update

So it’s that time of year again when things start winding down. In some ways it feels like summer has only just begun, the weather last week was awesome, but in other ways my body can tell the golf season is nearing an end. In preparation for the end of the season, the Executive sent out the Fall Newsletter earlier this week, you can also find a copy here. Tickets for the Fall Banquet being held on October 1st, 6 p.m. at the Woodvale Community Banquet Facility (at the golf course) are being sold by Executive members. The cost is $30 with cut-off September 25.
Overall, it’s been a great golf season with the Mill Woods Ladies Golf Club. Lots of fun activities and lively competitions. Thanks to everyone who was a member this year for participating and making this such an wonderful club!

EGA Amateur, Senior and Super-Senior Tournament

This annual tournament is a two-day event that is hosted by two EGA member clubs. This year the first day was July 14 at Riverside Golf Club and second day was July 15 at Highlands Golf Club. Despite a threatening forecast the weather held and both days of competition were completed without the presence of rain.
Sixty-six women gathered, 11 were Amateurs, 29 were Seniors and 26 were Super-Seniors. Bev Boersma, Mary Lou Fitzgerald, Janice Martin, Jo-Ann Pethybridge and Cheryl Wall represented the Mill Woods Ladies Golf Club. Our numbers were down from our usual 10 – 12 ladies in previous years and it would be great to see more of our ladies participating again. The tournament is open to all golfers who have a handicap, and players are always competing with women of similar golfing ability.
Personally I still remember Mary Lou encouraging me to compete in the “Cities” back about 20 years ago when I first started golfing. My initial reaction was “I can’t do that, I’m not good enough” but once I got up the courage to take the leap and try competitive golf there was no turning back. Now this is one of the highlights of my golf season, it is an opportunity to reconnect with women from other clubs across the city that I have met over the years. It’s less about the competition and more about the camaraderie and friendships I have experienced – priceless. I love sitting around after the first round enjoying a cold one and catching up with others, reliving our moments of glory and our total breakdowns of the day. Then after the second day of golf, we gather together for the tournament banquet – this year at Highlands. The Mill Woods ladies all sit together and have a great time cheering for each other if we are lucky enough to be in the winning circle.
This year a highlight was when the EGA honored 93 year-old Lois Payne who has played in 73 Edmonton Open Tournaments in all divisions (Amateur, Senior and Super-Senior). Lois is one of the great ambassadors for women’s golf – especially here in Edmonton – always encouraging others and promoting the game. As her accomplishments were read at the banquet I couldn’t help but tear-up in recognition and thankfulness for having had the opportunity to meet Lois.
Congratulations to all our Mill Woods Ladies who participated this year and to Mary Lou and Janice for winning prizes in their respective flights.
To all members of our club, please consider participating in this event next year. If you have questions, or would like more information about how to participate, please speak to any of the members listed above. All would be more than happy to share their experiences and knowledge with you.
Janice Martin

Request from Rules and Handicap Committee

Our Rules and Handicap Committee kindly requests that when keeping a group card that you include both the first and last names of the players in your group. Difficulties arise when this information is not included. Thank you for your cooperation.

Update from Executive

On April 22, the MWLGC Executive met and after discussion regarding budget voted to make a small change to the weekly Loonie Pot competition. It is now going to be a Toonie Pot. The sign-up list telling you about the competition for the week and the Toonie Pot are still on the counter in the Pro Shop. The Toonie Pot monies will be divided between the Winner and the Mill Woods Ladies Golf Club.
Good Luck to all who sign-up and drop their Toonie into the Pot!
Heather Musselwhite, President
Mill Woods Ladies Golf Club

Visiting Days

This year the Mill Woods ladies are hosting the Sturgeon Valley ladies for visiting days. We will hold this event on June 11th with muffins and coffee at 7:30 and a modified shotgun at 8:30. Lunch to follow.
Mill Woods Ladies are responsible for this own green fees, cart and lunch. The cost of the Lunch is $26.00.
Sandra and Carol will be taking registrations as follows:
May 7 – 12:00 to 3:00, May 14 – 12:00 to 5:00, May 21 – 12:00 to 3:00, May 28 – 12:00 to 5:00.
Mill Woods Ladies Club will be visiting Stony Plain this year on July 9th. Additional information regarding this event will be forthcoming. KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BULLETIN BOARD
Sandra Hlus and Carol Thachyk

Update from Rules and Handicap Committee

Our Rules and Handicap Committee wishes to remind/advise of the following Local Rules for the Mill Woods Ladies Golf Club.
Permanent Local Rules
1. Free relief from goose droppings – no nearer the hole – let the ‘EWWWW!’ factor be your guide.
2. Loose stones in bunkers may be moved.
Temporary Local Rules – As of April 23, 2019
1. Preferred Lies (Winter Rules) – A ball lying on a dormant patch of fairwaygrass may be lifted without penalty and cleaned. Having lifted the ball, the player must place it on the nearest spot of normal fairway grass and not nearer the hole than where it originally lay, that is not in a penalty area and not on a putting green.
They also wish to remind everyone to please submit a group score card every Tuesday (Day & Business). Thank you! They are used by the Handicap & Tournament Committees
Web Site Feedback
At the Spring Social, Janice Martin our webmaster, asked for feedback regarding our website. A questionnaire was available to everyone at the event. We received 21 replies and most of the feedback at this point is positive. We would however like to give anyone who would like to participate the opportunity to do so. To that end, additional questionnaires are available in the Club Room on the bulletin board. Please leave your completed questionnaires in the metal, turquoise box that is on the credenza beside the bulletin board. We will collect these questionnaires until the end of May and then provide a synopsis of the results.
Thanks to everyone who has already participated. Your feedback is appreciated.

Spring Social Recap

On April 9th the Mill Woods Ladies Golf Club held their Annual Spring Social Meeting. As the ladies gathered in the meeting room it was wonderful to hear the voices of so many getting reacquainted and sharing the individual news events of their winter. When the meeting was called to order the room held 88 ladies, all excited to get the golf season underway. Within those ladies we had the pleasure of welcoming 10 new members and inviting them to join us for the Newcomers Orientation Meeting on April 16th. This gives them an opportunity to learn more details and ask questions about the Mill Woods Ladies Golf Club. Everyone wants to get the most out of their golf season, both for the game and to meet new ‘golf buddies’! The business of approving Minutes, Year End Financials and Proposed budget was conducted. The President announced that we currently have 161 members for our joint Day and Business League and are still able to accept new member registrations. Our League play will officially begin on April 30th with Online Tee time booking opening at 7:00am on April 23rd. The website, mwlgc.ca is a great place to check out our calendar, list of dates of events, score entry, etc. Club Captain, Judy Katerenchuk, reviewed all the golf events offered throughout the season, which are many. We have the opportunity to take part in a new no handicap fun tournament called the “Ice Breaker”. It sounds like fun. To round off the evening we drew the name of the 50/50 winner and were able to present the winnings to one our new members, Carole Feidel. Congratulations! Have a wonderful season of Golf and Friendship!

Spring has Sprung!

Yes, Spring is in the air and with it comes the excitement of knowing the golf season is just around the corner. The Mill Woods Ladies Golf Club is expecting to start club play on April 30 this year. To join the club see our Membership Information page for all the details and a link to the registration form.
The Spring newsletter is also now available and can be downloaded here.
Our Spring Social/Meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 9 at 7:00 p.m. at the Mill Woods Clubhouse, and includes a business portion as well as a cash bar and 50/50 tickets. The Pro Shop will be open with the discount passes available along with this year’s new inventory. Sign-up sheets for Marshall Cup, Podersky Cup, New Member’s Orientation, and the Rules and Handicap Clinic will all be available that evening. This year again, Bruce Hardy, the Teaching Pro at Mill Woods, will be offering “Swing Lessons with Bruce”. You will be able to sign-up for lessons at the Spring Social. The lessons are $30 and payment must be made when you sign-up.
Hoping to see you all on April 9th!

Registrations for 2019 are now being accepted

Interested in joining a ladies golf club? Check out the Mill Woods Ladies Club – we are still accepting new registrations for the 2019 season. We offer opportunities to participate in club events, tournaments and recreational golf. We golf on Tuesdays and offer both morning and evening tee times. See our Membership Information page for a registration form and information on how to become a member.

2018 Survey Results

During the 2018 golf season the Mill Woods Ladies Executive surveyed our membership with a number of questions. The results were presented at the Fall Business Meeting and Banquet with the promise that the results would be posted on our website. The results of this survey are now available by clicking here.

Registration for 2019

With the new year comes thoughts of our upcoming golf season. If you have been thinking about joining the Mill Woods Ladies Golf Club now is the time to register for the 2019 golf season. The 2019 Registration Form can be printed, filled out and submitted with a post dated cheque for $110 made out to Mill Woods Ladies Golf Club. Mail your completed registration to the address on the form. Returning members have until March 1, 2019 to register. Potential new members will be placed on a wait-list and will be contacted starting March 2, 2019. New members will be accepted on a first-come basis.
Please ensure the form is filled out completely with your contact information including your email address and phone number. This information is important for communication from the executive.