3 Club Challenge

Thank you for those who participated in the 3 Club Challenge on August 8, 2023.

The most challenging part of the tournament was choosing the 3 clubs to use for 9 holes. Some choices of clubs ranged anywhere from a driver, 8 iron and putter to a Rescue, iron and a wedge! There are some members who are wondering (after their round) why they even golf with all their 13 clubs when, just after using 3 clubs, shot the best game they have had in a while! Maybe it comes down to less choices and a simpler game! Best score for 9 holes was 44!

The Day ladies all got in their round during the day as the morning chill turned into a warm day. Unfortunately, the brave souls from the Business league were interrupted by heavy rain with the Pro shop sounding the alarm. Each player enjoyed a delicious meal of hot soup, sandwiches, wraps, salads and desserts. Prizes were either given out as proximity and low/high scores as well as for door prizes. A total of 32 gift cards were handed out!

A reminder for the future fun tournaments. It is important to show up for the meal when the weather is poor. Your ladies golf club provides the caterers a final number of attendees a week prior to our event. We are required to pay for the number provided, no matter if it less. Please be aware of your time and commitment.

MWLGC Club Captain

3 Club Challenge Day Winners

3 Club Challenge Business Winners