Calendar Updates

There have been some changes to the Calendar of Activities for the Mill Woods Ladies Golf Club and the calendar on the website has now been updated.
In response to a suggestion, there is also a printable Schedule of MWLGC Activities for 2018 on the calendar page, just below the calendar. Personally I plan to print this out and post on my fridge so that I can keep better track of what’s happening when. In addition, there is also a section now called Pin Days at a Glance, just below the printable schedule link. I know I can never remember if it is a Pin Day or not – yesterday being no exception. This is also included on the printable schedule mentioned above.
I appreciate getting your feedback for improvements to the website and how important information can be conveyed to the club as a whole. Thank you to Robbi Checknita for suggesting the printable schedule. I believe this will be a valuable addition for our membership.
Janice Martin
webmaster at mwlgc . ca