Ringer Board

Ringer Board for 2021

This year we will be doing an ‘at home’ version of the ringer boards. For those of you who do not know what the Ringer Board is please refer to page 6 of the Player’s Manual on our website. 

The spreadsheet is can be downloaded here or under the Documents drop down. 

It is a working spreadsheet and through Excel you can update your scores each week. The instructions for use are very clear and can be found at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

For those of you who do not have access to a computer, you can use a manual card just like last year.  The cards will be available in the proshop, under the computer.  Pick one up, take it home and update it each time you play.  You will submit this to me at the end of the season either by replacing it under the computer in the proshop.

Prizes are awarded according to flights. There will be a separate flight for those who wish to do ringer board for 9 holes only.  If your entries only include the front nine, you will be placed into this flight. If you want to be in this flight, do not enter any scores for the back nine. 

As soon as your entries include a full 18 holes you will be grouped into three or four flights with all of the 18 holers, according to year end handicaps. 

I am hoping our members will participate in this fun activity this year.  You can win some great prizes in the fall!

Some things to note:

1.  The three weekend Ladies Club tournaments are also a part of the ringer board competition.  This includes the Classic, the Better Ball, and the Club Championship.  The places to enter these scores are listed on the card after Sept 21.

2.  The Better Ball has been incorrectly named The Scotch 2 Ball on the card.  If you play in the Better Ball on July 11, enter your scores on the line that says Scotch 2 Ball.

3.  We forgot to include a place to record and update chip ins!  Please do keep track of your chip ins and let me know your total in Sept when you submit your ringer card to me.  Chip ins must be on Tuesdays and Club tournaments only.

4.  The Club Championship is a two day event.  We have listed a place to record these two scores at the bottom. However, if you are not part of the Club Championship, but do play on the Tues. Aug 24, you will record that score on the line that says Aug 24.  Do not record your score twice.  You will record only one score on either Aug 24 or on the Club Championship #1 line .

Jane Thiell
Ringer Board Coordinator

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