Ringer Board for 2022

We will be using the Excel version of the Ringer Board again this year. It is a working spreadsheet through Excel and you can update your scores each week. The instructions for use are in the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet and there is also a visual information tab.  Click here to download the Ringer Board. It should open as an Excel spreadsheet that you can save to your computer and enter your scores at your convenience.

For those of you who do not have access to Excel on a computer, you can use a manual card just like last year.  The cards will be available upstairs in a file box by the league bulletin board. You can leave them there for your convenience each week.  

Prizes are awarded according to flights. There will be a separate flight for those who wish to do ringer board for 9 holes only. 

As soon as your entries include a full 18 holes you will be grouped into three or four flights with all of the 18 holers, according to year end handicaps. 

I am hoping our members will participate in this fun activity this year.  You can win some great prizes in the fall!

Some things to note:

1.  The three weekend Ladies Club tournaments are also a part of the ringer board competition.  This includes The Classic, Better Ball, and the Club Championship tournaments.  The places to enter these scores are listed on the card after the September league dates.

2.  Please keep track of your chip ins and enter the number in the space marked on the spreadsheet.  Chip ins are when the ball is hit onto the green and goes into the hole, whereas no putting was required!. Chip ins must be achieved and recorded on Tuesdays and Club tournaments only.

Tania Topolnyski
Ringer Board Coordinator

Rules of Golf

Golf is a sport…..and a game of honour where you are expected to keep your own score honestly. In order to do that you need to learn the rules.

If you are playing baseball, there are rules, as there are in golf. In baseball you can’t just decide to take 4 outs to the other teams 3. It wouldn’t be fair. Neither is it fair if you don’t count your whiffs, take the proper penalty for going in the water, hit the wrong ball or kick your ball out of an unplayable lie, etc.

Learning to play by the rules of golf makes it possible to enter your scores to establish a handicap index. If you choose to enter in tournaments you will be put in a group with players with handicaps close to yours.

Even if you choose not to keep score, it’s still very important for you to learn about golf etiquette and pace of play guidelines. See Rules of Golf here.

World Handicap System
Player’s Manual

Club Championship Rules