Interclub Events

Interclub Competitions

Edmonton Golf Association (EGA) Ladies Division provides opportunities for interclub competitions within the Edmonton area as noted below. Additional information is available on the website. Enjoy your golfing season!

Match Play – Marshall/Podersky Cups

Mill Woods Ladies Golf Club is a member club of the EGA and therefore the members have access to participate in these tournaments.

The MWLGC Marshall/Podersky Coordinator(s) assigns players for home and away play and will provide information on the format to each team.   The players participating in these competitions represent our club, therefore must demonstrate an understanding of the rules of golf and conduct themselves in a positive manner.

 To ensure equal opportunities and fairness to all members, golfers who visit other clubs for these competitions are also expected to play an equal number of games hosting visitors at Mill Woods.

Golfers in the Podersky and Marshall games do not take tee times away from members as the players would normally use their clubs scheduled tee times and visitors coming to play at Millwoods are just taking the place of members as they do at the other clubs tee times.

Marshall Cup

The Marshall Cup was donated in 1932 to encourage inter-club competition, foster good sportsmanship and promote friendship. The competition is played on four dates in May and June (usually on Mondays).  Business Ladies Clubs participate in this competition on a Sunday.

The format is single match play, in twosomes from each club.  Each week, four players visit two clubs and four players remain at home to host the two visiting clubs.  Players are placed on teams based on handicap.  A maximum of 36 handicap is allowed for stroke calculation.  Strokes are given to the higher handicap player as the full difference between the handicaps of the two players.

2023 Marshall Cup Dates are May 15, 29 & June 4, 26

Marshall Cup Final Standings 2023

The format is single match play, in twosomes from each club. Each week, four players visit two clubs and four players remain at home to host the two visiting clubs. Players are placed on teams based on handicap.

Congratulations to the Mill Woods Ladies Golf Club on winning 2nd place! Thank you to Cheryl W & Bev B for organizing this years Marshall Cup.

1 Highlands – 351.5 points
2 Mill Woods – 345.5 points
3 Sturgeon Valley – 339.5 points
4 Derrick – 338.5 points
5 Windermere – 326 points
6 Royal Mayfair – 322 points
7 Stony Plain – 305 points
8 Belvedere – 301 points
9 Victoria – 300.5 points
10 ECC – 298 points
11 Riverside – 297.5 points
12 EPC – 282 points
13 Leduc – 281 points

Podersky Cup

This is an interclub competition begun in 1948.  The trophy was donated by the Podersky family in memory of their son.  The competition is usually played on four consecutive Thursdays (May-June).  

Played as a 2-ball foursome – a match in which a team of 2 plays another team of 2.  Each side plays one ball with alternate shots – this includes penalty shots.  Each week, each club has four teams of 2 players – 2 teams play at home and 2 teams play away. The 2 players on a team must have a combined minimum handicap factor of 30.0.  This tournament encourages higher handicap players to participate.  Individual maximum converted handicap for a player is 40.

2023 Podersky Cup Dates are May 11, 25 & June 8

Podersky Cup Final Standings 2023

Congratulations to the Millwoods Ladies Golf Club on winning 1st place! Thank you to Berni K for organizing this years Podersky Cup.

1 Millwoods – 193 points
2 Highlands – 177 points
3 Belvedere – 169 points
4 Victoria – 166.5 points
5 Windermere – 163 points
6 Glendale – 161 points
7 Derrick – 160.5 points
8 Riverside – 151.5 points
9 Blackhawk – 146 points
10 EPC – 142.5 points
11 Stony Plain – 142 points
12 ECC – 140.5 points
13 Leduc – 132.5 points

EGA Ladies’, Senior Ladies’, and Super Senior Amateur Championship

This is a combined two day tournament, limited to 96 players, with different age categories in each group.  Format is 36 holes of stroke play. The host club is rotated among EGA member clubs.

Tournament of Champions

An annual event, scheduled near the end of the golf season, is hosted by the Highlands Golf Club. Participants are the club champions from each EGA member club.   A banquet and awards follow.

Interclub Visits – Visitor Days

EGA member clubs host and visit other member clubs for golf and lunch. This enables members to experience other golf courses in the Edmonton region.  The number is often restricted to thirty golfers, so members must sign up on the list posted in the locker room.  The green fees are paid by the host club for visitors, but lunch is the responsibility of each person.  The funds will be collected ahead of time.

Visitors Day, Dates and Details below

July 11, 2023

*NOTE* – When visiting a private golf club be aware of the club’s dress code.  (E.g. Some clubs do not permit denim clothing or wearing headwear in their clubhouse).

The Classic Tournament

The Classic Tournament is scheduled for Sunday June 11, 2023. Sign up from May 9-26, 2023