Membership Info

Joining Mill Woods Ladies Golf Club

The Mill Woods Ladies Golf Club (MWLGC) is comprised of approximately 200 women of varying golfing ability. We (usually) golf on Tuesdays in the morning (day ladies) as well as the late afternoon/early evening (business ladies). Returning members are given first opportunity to register. A waiting list is maintained by our Membership Coordinator(s) and if spots are available, prospects are contacted.  Registration and membership rules are as follows:

  • Registration is limited to approximately 200 members – split between business and day.

  • Membership renewals shall be accepted up to March 1, of the current year.

  • New members can send in their registrations and we will confirm acceptance starting March 2nd, of the current year.

  • Any female may become a member of the club by completing a registration form and paying the required annual membership fee, as long as there is room on the roster.

  • Refund policy – if a member withdraws from the league before the spring meeting, they will be issued a full refund. A $20 administration fee will be charged if membership is cancelled after spring meeting but before May 1st. No refunds issued after May 1st, of the current year.


Registration information for 2025 will be provided at a later date.

Please see fillable form for registration and payment details. You can fill out the form online, save to a file and then send as an attachment, scan or print and mail. 

TBA – Download the 2025 Registration Form